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Rodent Control Experts Serving Southeastern MA

Able Pest Control Service serves the Southeastern Massachusetts area with effective solutions to your rodent and wildlife problems. As your local rodent control experts, we provide the rodent extermination and wildlife exclusion services you need to prevent the spread of disease, food contamination and damage to your property. We draw on 30 years of experience to prevent rodents from breeding and help you get rid of them effectively.

Customized Rodent Control Service

Rodents are very intelligent, although their eyesight is poor, they utilize all their other senses along with a very good memory to survive. Mice can fit into very small openings to gain access into homes. In many cases, a hole the size of a dime is sufficient. At Able Pest Control Service, our goal for each rodent issue is to determine what may have attracted them to that location, how they got in, and of course to get them out and keep them out. In your home or business, we employ strategic control measures that may include baits, traps, exclusion, sanitation guidelines, and other effective processes.

Wildlife Exclusion

Able Pest Control Service provides exclusion methods to eliminate squirrel and bat issues. These problem animals leave your home through one way doors that don't allow them to regain entry. If you have rodents or wildlife issues in your home or business, call us immediately at 508-559-7987 to prevent these pests from causing further potential damage.