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Carpenter Ant Exterminators Serving Southeastern MA

Carpenter ants nest in moist wood that is hollow or decaying, making them a threat to the structural integrity of your home or business, should your property be exposed to them.

While these ants do not consume the wood, they do chip and carve into it, creating the tunnels and pathways that make up their nests. This activity weakens and damages the wood, and if these ants have infested your home, their activity could mean costly structural damage to your property. Protect the structure of your home from the threat of carpenter ants with effective pest control services from Able Pest Control Service. We offer effective treatment solutions for the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Common Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Signs of infestation include the presence of medium to large black ants that are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms but also may be found in other areas throughout the home. You may also notice tiny holes in wood surfaces and bits of wood shavings mixed with parts from dead insects that the ants have consumed. You may also notice the winged variation, swarmers, in or around your home. This may be a sign of a flourishing colony nearby.


Able Pest Control Service are your local carpenter ant treatment experts. Our technicians are trained to locate a carpenter ant nest and eliminate it. We will also indicate the conditions that may attract these ants and make you aware of them along with providing you with an optional preventative treatment plan for future protection.

Call Able Pest Control Service at 508-559-7987 as soon as you discover carpenter ants in your home, as prolonged exposure to them is more likely to result in structural damage to your property. Request an estimate for carpenter ant extermination today.