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Termite Control Experts Serving Southeastern MA

Your home is one of your greatest financial investments and it may be in danger from the destructive effects of termite infestation. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, subterranean termites are native to all of the 48 contiguous states and cause an estimated $750 million in damage annually as they consume the wood in homes, businesses and other wood structures. If you suspect termites, don't wait until the effects are visible. Call on Able Pest Control Service for effective termite treatment in Southeastern Massachusetts.
Termites - Pest Control in Brockton, MA
Termites generally gain access to your home from access points in or near the foundation. Because they attack wood from the inside out, early detection requires the skills of a trained termite inspector. Our certified termite inspectors can detect the presence of termite colonies before they have a chance to harm your home, or even before you notice them. We use Termidor™ exclusively for our termite treatments, the most effective termite product for soil treatments on the market today.